BASTUN Autumn meeting in Moscow discussed ILO

The Baltic Sea Trade Union Network held its first meeting under the Russian presidency on the 9-10 October in Moscow with a large participation from all member countries. Maria Grinnik from the FNPR was president of the meeting.


The network  approved the program of the Russian presidency which focuses on ILO and the  Decent Work agenda as well as on the free movement of labour.


The meeting focused on ILO-questions and among others Kari Tapiola, Trine Lise Sundnes and Sergejus Glovackas held presentations to the network. The developments in Central Asia are alarming and new neoliberal tendencies can be observed in many countries of the region. Many trade unions around the Baltic Sea are facing tough times and social dialogue needs to be revitalized.


The President of EAKL Estonia Harri Taliga presented the latest development on the Baltic Organising Academy BOA which has already shown first positive results.


The network supported an observer status of BASTUN in the Baltic Sea Labour Forum, which will organise a round table conference in Hamburg on November 15th. The conference will focus on youth unemployment and the free movement of labour. All BASTUN members are welcome to participate in the conference.