Latvia takes over the BASTUN presidency

BASTUN’s priorities reflect the political and social situation of the Baltic Sea region. The network
follows political discussion and aims to keep relevant issues for trade union movement on the
agenda. The presidency sets its political priorities for the presidency period.

The  Latvian Presidency will be chaired by vice president Irena Liepina from the Trade Union Confederation LBAS and discuss the three focus areas:

Mobility of labour under fair conditions and prevention of social fraud
➢ The topic will be highlighted during the autumn meeting when discussing Decent Work in the regional context of the Baltic Sea. Focus will be on Social Fraud and equal conditions for workers as well as on the responsibilities of enterprises with cross-border activities.

Strengthening Social dialogue and working for more balanced representation between Trade Union and business interests.
➢ The topic will be discussed during the autumn meeting and focus will be put on discussing practical methods for developing collective bargaining on sectoral level and exchanging best practices on how to engage employers in the process.

Strengthening trade union density and organising in the Baltic Sea region.
➢ Main focus during the Presidency will be will be on discussing organizing and recruiting members in an increasingly individualized society utilising the possibilities of digitalisation. The theme will also include discussion on the impact on organising of changing labour markets considering the structures of platform economy.