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The report from the BASTUN High Level meeting 29.11.2014 is has been published. The report is written by Journalist Bengt Rolfer to celebrate 15 years of Trade Union Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. 

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The BASTUN spring meeting 2015 will be held in Tallin on the 15-16 of April.
The agenda will include the themes; Structural Changes in Economy and the Training Needs of Labour and diskussion  about the ongoing European Minimum Wage discussion.
The Estonian Trade Union Federation EAKL will celebrate their 25th anniversary with a seminar that will be organised on the 16th of April directly after the BASTUN-meeting.

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Repesentatives from the Baltic Sea Trade Union movement will meet in Tallin on the 19th of November to celebrate 15 years of BASTUN-cooperation and Trade Union development in the Baltic Sea Region.
The High Level meeting will focus on two themes; Organising as a basis for strong Trade Unions and a Socially and Economically Integrated Baltic Sea Region. Read more about the meeting under the activities section of this website.

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The Estonian Trade Union Confederation EAKL will be chairing the BASTUN presidency between July 2014 and June 2015. Priorities include among others trade union organising,  smart solutions as a way to tackle challenges related to the mobility of labour and to combat social dumping as well as preparing for  structural changes in economy and training needs of labour.
A highlight of the presidency will be the BASTUN-high level meeting, which will be organised on the 19th November 2014. EAKL plans to focus on organising and aims to present the Baltic Organising Academy, both in theory and in practise. The meeting will gather trade unions representatives from across the Baltic Sea region who can exchange views and best practices as well as discuss strategies on organising.

BASTUN presidency paper

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BASTUN held the second meeting of the Finnish presidency on April 2-3 in Tuusula, Finland. The meeting focused on grey economy which is the main priority of the Finnish presidency. Finnwatch presented their perspectives on tax fairness and tax planning by corporations by examining the example of Attendo. SAK Finland presented figures regarding tax evasion in the Baltic Sea Region. The meeting also discussed and approved the forthcoming Estonian Presidency program.

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BASTUN on the European Day of Action and Solidarity of the ETUC 14.11.2012


The global financial and economic crisis has during the past years evolved into a social crisis with soaring unemployment in many countries. Especially young people are especially hit as youth unemployment is all around Europe. It is above all wage-earners and tax-payers who have to bear the main burden of the crisis, whereas the financial sector that caused it in the first place is making profits again.


Workers' rights are fundamental human rights. We strongly condemn the current attacks on collective bargaining autonomy and the dismantling of workers' rights, be they in Lithuania, Spain, or Greece. What we need is not fewer rights and less protection for employees but more democracy, social security and justice.


The crisis does not stop at national frontiers. If workers' rights are weakened all over Europe, this will impact purchasing power and sooner or later the crisis will arrive at everybody's doorstep. Instead of wrecking Europe with austerity policies, we need solutions based on solidarity and a program for growth and employment. Only by counteracting growing austerity and by investing in decent jobs and education can the legitimacy of the European Union be restored. This crisis affects not only our colleagues in Spain, Greece, Ireland or Portugal – Northern Europe is affected as well: especially the Baltic countries have gone through drastic measures during the past years.


European integration is based on a common commitment to the creation of a democratic and social Europe – and that includes strong works councils and trade unions, protection of collective bargaining autonomy and recognition of basic workers' rights. But also strong European legislation strengthening workers' rights is essential. Only by co-operation and solidarity will we be able to halt the intolerable cuts in social benefits and the dismantling of workers' rights. Together we call for a fair, democratic and social Europe and declare our solidarity with colleagues in all the countries of Europe – in North and South- East and West.

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